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Equine Assisted World – with Rupert Isaacson

Here on Equine Assisted World. We look at the cutting edge and the best practices currently being developed and, established in the equine assisted field. This can be psychological, this can be neuropsych, this can be physical, this can be all of the conditions that human beings have that these lovely equines, these beautiful horses that we work with, help us with. ~~ Remember to subscribe to the Equine Assisted World Podcast here!

Live Free Ride Free – With Rupert Isaacson

Welcome to Live Free Ride Free, where we talk to people who have lived self-actualized lives on their own terms, and find out how they got there, what they do, how we can get there, what we can learn from them. How to live our best lives, find our own definition of success, and most importantly, find joy. ~~ Remember to subscribe to the Live Free Ride Free Podcast here!

Rupert As Podcast Guest

Journey On Podcast with Warwick Schiller

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The Confident Rider Podcast with Jane Pike

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