A personal and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who made this dream come true – Shu, CA

Dear Joell (Joell runs Horse Boy Sessions and Camps at Squarpeg in Half Moon Bay, Ca),

Thank you very much for the great surf and turf family camp. Nicole had so much fun. It wasn’t her first time surfing or boogie boarding, but it was certainly special to do it with Rachel and other girls, and the handsome and kind boys from the HMB surf club. Riding horses every day, driving around in the utility cart to feed the horses, and saying good morning and good night to them deepens her love for these sweet horses. Your dogs filled in the rest of her days with more fun and love. The campfire, the great tasking food and snacks, and sleeping in a tent just happened to be a few more of her favorites. No wonder she felt sad on the last day and asked me whether we could have stayed longer.

Besides Nicole, the rest of our family enjoyed it very much as well. Cynthia and I rode a horse for the first time in our life. We were thrilled by the fun and the spirit of these amazing horses. Once again, our lives are enriched because of Nicole. Even more important, we got to know wonderful people like you, your husband, Greg, Debra, Rachel, Lauren, Soquorney, Samoan, Talulu, and volunteers from HMB surf club. I was speechless in admiring how giving and loving all of you are. It was the most satisfying moments when I saw you folks enjoy Nicole as much as I do, actually even more than me sometimes. I wish i could learn your sense of humor in your reaction with Nicole.

Hanging around with the other families is fun, relaxing and inspiring as well. Each of the kids has a miraculous story, with a brave, faithful and loving family behind. This event has recharged me with more hope, energy and strength.

Many thanks again, for this wonderful event, and for spending every day in the past eleven years on changing the lives of special need kids!



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