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The Horse Brings a Feel- Good Experience

Therapy exchange during “Tribe Day 2018” on the Berkhoff-Beumer farm

From Alfred Steinhorst


 Autistic children have a severe developmental disruption, which is especially mirrored in the difficulty to build and understand relationships. One reason is, that they are often extremely stressed. Meanwhile, the internationally renowned “Horse Boy Method” provides relief.

40 effected families and trainers, who work with the method, met at the farm of Gitti and Henrich Berkhoff’s farm to brainstorm.

As international as the method is being implemented, as international were the representatives at the meeting during “Tribe Day 2018” on the Berkhoff-Beumer farm. Not only did people travel from European countries like England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany, but also from States in the United States like Texas, Colorado, and New York. Amongst them was Rupert Isaacson with his life partner Iliane Lorenz. Son Rowen has autism himself and is the reason Rupert Isaacson found the relief for the condition through horses.

Horse Boy Method was developed and is growing and developing ever since. Even a foundation was created by Rupert Isaacson.

“50,000 children are being treated with this method world wide” supports professor Dr. Frank Duesberg from Solingen who is a doctor for bio-kinetic medicine and supports the implementation of the method. In Toennishaeuschen Gitti Berkhoff belongs to the educated trainers who uses her highly trained therapy horse “Manolo” to work through the therapy. Autistic people suffer from an abundance of the happy hormone oxytocin, but have an overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol which in return causes more stress. “The horse calms the children and leads to a comfort experience which triggers the oxytocin production” explains the Dutch trainer and team member Margje Vleck. Her son Max is autistic as well. Since her son is involved in this therapy, he is not only more relaxed, but it also helps him to build relationships easier. “He now makes eye contact with the person in front of him, which autistic people usually do not do”, presents Margje Vleck as an example.

Eight workshops, lead by multiple trainers, allowed practitioners during the “Tribe Day” on Friday and Saturday to exchange ideas and experiences. The first “Tribe Day” happened last year in the Netherlands and now on the farm of the Berkhoffs. The meetings are supposed to continue annually in different locations.

The relaxed but professionally focused atmosphere excited even the founder of the “Horse Boy Method” Rupert Isaacson: “It is nice to see the application and implementation of the method.”

In multiple workshops participants exchange experiences during “Tribe Day”. (pic 1. Left to right)

Autistic children can be totally relaxed. The Dutch trainer Margje Vleck and her son show it to Maurice Ditmer. (pic. 2)

Henrich, Gitti, and Rupert Isaacson were satisfied with the results and outcomes at the end of “Tribe Day 2018”. (pic.3)

((translated by B. Rimbach)