When Rupert Isaacson's Son, Rowan was diagnosed with Autism, he decided to learn everything he could about the condition...

Prior to the families journey to Mongolia, which is documented in Ruperts' best selling book and movie , 'The Horse boy' , he went to Fort Collins, Colorado to meet with Dr Temple Grandin to try to understand how Autism feels from the inside.

Temple Grandin, an adult Autist herself is also one of the worlds' leading authorities on animal behavior. In this interview she speaks to Rupert about Autism and her experiences growing up and going through life with the condition. She explains the way she thinks and how things make her feel.

A very inspiring interview between an Autism parent and one of the few people in the world who can offer him some insight into his Sons mind. Temple Grandin answers the questions that every parent or person with a family member on the spectrum wants to ask...

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