HorseBoyMethod1TrainingDVDHoned over nearly a decade of trail and error with his son, Rowan and their Quarter Horse mare Betsy, Rupert Isaacson's Horse Boy Method differs radically from the regular approach to therapeutic riding.

Aimed specifically at autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities and other neuro-psychiatric conditions, Horse Boy Method helps ameliorate the sensory challenges that prevent so many spectrum children from direct communication.

In Horse Boy Method the name of the game is communication.

Horse Boy Method helps you create the ideal win win environment for autism families.

Using sensory work, circus tricks in which the horse responds to one syllable vowel sounds and hand gestures, back-riding (in which the child has the triple benefit of deep pressure, the movement of the horse, and the voice in the ear), academics on horseback, rule based games and perspective taking exercises.

Horse Boy Method is truly cutting edge. For anyone dealing with the current pandemic of autism spectrum children weather as parent, therapist or riding instructor, this DVD is a must watch. For those interested in better horsemanship, the exercises for increased collection (a vital tool for rocking the child's pelvis while back-riding, and thus opening the learning receptors of the brain) are fascinating.

Narrated by Rupert himself and featuring the Horse Boy Team of volunteers and riders.

The DVD offers a way forward that makes sense for families and therapists caught in the day to day struggle to bridge the communication gap.

It's also great fun.

Horse Boy Method is a registered trademark. The DVD does not certify you to offer Horse Boy Method to families. Please see our "How to become a Practitioner" page for details on becoming an Independent Horse Boy Method Practitioner

Film length: 77 min 

Language: English 
Format: NTSC

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