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Originally from Germany, Iliane helped Rupert to develop and systemize the six stages of Horse Boy Method and Horse Boy Learning, as well as Horse Boy Horsemanship and Stress Free Dressage. She co-produces all Horse Boy training media, runs the programs at New Trails in Texas and travels with Rupert giving demos and workshops of all aspects of Horse Boy.


Born near Frankfurt in Germany in 1981, Iliane is a classic mix of techie, dressage queen, entrepreneur(se) and special needs advocate.

She first came to the USA to work for IBM, specializing in webiste design, but had been riding since she was a little girl.

When she moved to Austin, Texas in the early 2000s she began apprenticing for USDF gold medal trainer Richard Howard, for six years, before teaming up with Rupert and Horse Boy in 2009, and helped him systemize Horse Boy Method, Horse Boy Learning and Stress Free Dressage.

She and Rupert train the horses and riders at New Trails through the full Classical dressage cycle, but she has a sneaking liking for cross country too. She teaches workshops all over North America and Europe and produces training videos for Horse Boy, as well as managing the website.

A highly developed systems strategist, Iliane has run several successful business: web design, real estate and horse training before partnering with Rupert at Horse Boy and taking over directorship and development of its programs.

She and Rupert now also run a series of personal development courses called Face Your Bull, designed to help people overcome fear and start living the life they truly want to live. Iliane is the living proof that, if you set your goals and think things through, you will inevitably get there. With bells on.

She lives at the New Trails Center with Rupert and the rest of the team, her dogs Luna and Bruce, her horses Bu and Reno, and is thinking about setting up a gluten free bakery and restaurant for her next project.