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Catherine is not only a certified teacher in Texas, but also homeschooled her children, and runs One Acre Farm in Houston, TX. With this background and her bubbling personality we are pleased to have on board to help develope lesson plans and represent New Trails Learning Systems with our Kids Must Move Homeschooling program at conventions around the US.

Catherine Griffin has a Bachelor’s degree from Lamar University in Elementary Education with specializations in reading and early childhood.  She holds a lifetime State of Texas Teaching Certificate.

After teaching in the public school system, private tutoring and having children, she homeschooled her two daughters for the entirety of their schooling from early childhood through high school.                Catherine and her husband, Jason, have a small farm in Texas at which their children were raised.  Since 2002, the farm has been a working and educational facility for adults, youth, homeschoolers and scouts. After hearing Rupert speak in March 2016, it became evident that the farm was ready to take the next step and hold playdates for families of children with autism.  Catherine and her daughter, Nicole, were trained in Horse Boy Method and Movement Method.  Currently, One Acre Farm is certified 1 Star Apprentices and Mentors of The Horse Boy Method and Movement Method.  Catherine is also a trainer of the Movement Method, assists in the writing of new curriculum and acts as liaison to the homeschool community.