Ann – Washington, DC

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to you, Ru, and your entire team of amazing Horse Boy girls!

We enjoyed it all, from the horses and the splashing hose to the magical campfire evenings. We’re having “Horse Boy World” withdrawal symptoms 😮

Un grand merci à Emilie especially for having shadowed Alexandre all week en français in such a lovely and effective way…

We are reaping some benefits to our Nature Immersion cum Noah’s Ark Therapy: Since arriving home, Alexandre has been happier, less anxious/calmer, with more communicative intent and a little more spontaneous speech. There’s also been increased relatedness (wanting me to read him Nat Geo Oceans Mag. to him, for e.g) and renewed affection (I’m not competing with Betsy or Luna anymore!) Oh and his sleeping patterns have been wonderful.

A special thank you as well to Rowan and Cisco for their important insight. It was a privilege to meet them.

Wishing HBW continued success in your little slice of heaven!

With love and appreciation,

Anne, Alexandre and Daniel


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