ATHENA℠ Horsemanship Method 2: Preparation of your horse

  • $750 for up to 3 horses that you want to up train and use for your ATHENASM Program

This phase is done as an online course with remote teaching feedback.

In this phase you will be submitting video of the horse you want to train for the job to us. The videos we are asking for will show that your horse can already do the exercises that in the next step (ATHENA 3) you will learn to pass on to your service users.

It is too difficult to use a horse that himself doesn’t know the exercises. So we will help you create the horse(s) here that can do the exercises (i.e. lunging, basic in hand work with at least Pattern 1a and b, and long lining).

Once you are through ATHENA 2 you are ready to move on to ATHENA 3. That course will then teach you how to teach your service users to help you maintain the horses that you have prepared in this ATHENA 2 course.

We will evaluate the video and give you feedback on them. If it is clear that at the moment your horse is too green for the program, or has other difficult behaviors that need to be addressed before he/she is handled by inexperienced people, we will retain the right to ask for you to add an online consultation to get that horse ready. To re-join ATHENA 2.

If you are uncertain about a horse and it’s ability to be part of this program, please reach out to us before signing up to this course. We are usually able with a few short videos to tell you if the horse can participate at the moment or if he/she first needs more education.