ATHENA℠ Horsemanship Method 3: Teaching others to train the horse

  • $350 per day (3 day course – can be extended at students request)

In this course you will be teaching others how to train the horse. This course can take place at your location with the horses you have taken through course #2 or at a dedicated center. You will teach other participants or volunteers how to train the horse.

This course will prepare you to take your PTSD, at risk, trauma clients and involve them into your program to create a win-win-win-win situation in which the clients doing the training find empowerment, the horses improve and transmit well-being to the riding clients and the instructors and staff know longer have a time conflict between horse training/maintaining and serving clients.

Qualification for: ATHENA℠: Horse Training for Development & Growth Instructor

Once you have completed this course you will receive the ATHENA Practitioner accreditation and can advertise that you offer ATHENA: Horse Training for Development & Growth at your center. Read more here to learn about all requirements and memberships to keep your accreditation active.