ATHENA Method 1: equine training track

Duration: 2 days (aprox. 6h per day)


  • $375 per day

Designed for:

  • Therapeutic riding instructors
  • Equine managers
  • Conditioning teams
  • Anyone who wants to improve their equine training skills


  • Age 16 and older; neuro-typical only (for young adults on the spectrum check with your trainer regarding participation)
  • Must  be able to comfortably walk in arena footing for extended amounts of time.

What will be covered in ATHENA: Horse Training for Development & Growth 1?

  • Theory and basic neuro-science: A brief history of classical training: how this work can strengthen an equine partner physically and mentally so that they provide the most therapeutic movement for participants and feel good while doing it.
  • Equipment: what you need, how to use it, why it matters, and where to get it.
  • Introducing equine partners to long lining: building and strengthen the topline.
  • Introducing equine partners to the 3 phases of lunging: creating balance, muscle, and rhythm.
  • Introducing equine partners to the start of in hand work: releasing the 3 points of resistance, shoulder in, and quarters in. Creating an equine partner that says YES!

What to bring

  • Please bring appropriate footwear (closed toed shoes) and gloves. 
  • Please bring plenty of water to drink and something to snack on.
  • Notebook and pen