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Many adult autists do not endorse traditional ABA. Numerous blogs and memoirs published in recent years detail a traumatic series of coercive episodes in which they were constantly pushed to be compliant and their own needs were not honored. 

The problem has been that most therapists are not given any neuro-science training nor in fact much training in Autism itself.

Certainly they are not taught what the gifts of autism are, nor why the autistic way of thinking and being can be so wonderful. The intellectual gifts, and sensitive personalities of young autists are often bulldozed in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to turn them into facsimiles of neuro-typical children. The result is often a child with a broken spirit, whose intellect and spark are at best ignored and at worst crushed.

You as a parent can change this!

With Compassionate Behavioral Approach, we teach you how to identify your child's gifts and interests and follow those towards an end goal in which the autistic way of being is honored and at the same time the life skills necessary for navigating the neuro-typical world are taught.

Cooperation instead of compliance;
Time-"ins" rather than Time-outs;
Encouraging self advocacy and negotiation skills;
Intrinsic motivation vs. reward and punishment;
Letting the child lead rather than forcing our own agenda which triggers the cell-danger response and prohibits learning;
Letting the child move and be outside rather than confining them to rooms, desks and other inherently stressful environments that, again, prohibit learning.

Compassionate Behavioral Approach was developed under the mentorship of renowned adult autist Dr. Temple Grandin, who in 2004 advised autism father Rupert Isaacson to do the following with his autistic son Rowan:

  • Follow him physically, intellectually, and emotionally;
  • Eliminate bad sensory triggers from his environment;
  • Let him move while learning - preferably outside in nature.

Rupert followed Dr. Grandin's advise and created a homeschooling program for his son Rowan, called Movement Method that is now being offered in over 20 countries.

Compassionate Behavioral Approach takes the communication, behavioral and life skills modules (LINK to modules) that Rupert Isaacson and his team created in conjunction with neuro-scientists from the Marie Curie Institute in Paris, the University of California San Diego and several other universities, and expands them into an easy to follow early childhood plan for families with the gift of autism.

Instead of trying to make an autistic child into something they are not, Compassionate Behavioral Approach calms the oversensitive nervous system, switches off the cell danger response in the brain, stimulates the cerebellum (social skills), the vestibular system (long term learning and attention), opens up the pre-frontal cortex (logic, reason, emotional regulation) and creates Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor - the key to building IQ in any brain, autistic or neuro-typical.

Compassionate Behavioral Approach avoids the coercive methods that have caused so much suffering in traditional ABA - such as demanding eye contact, and endless repetition of scripted speech and action. Instead, by making sure the child does not feel threatened - indeed feels respected and liked - Compassionate Behavioral Approach removes the barriers to learning, develops relationship building, communication, and navigating the complex neuro-typical social world, and over time develops into building academics, job skills and becoming an effective adult autist prepared for job, romance, and quality of life.

Challenges such as verbal communication, incontinence, and meltdowns are met in a gradual and effective way without the child feeling shamed or "trained". The key is understanding the neuro-science (LINK) and following our modules (LINK) that let the child lead without you losing control.

It's fun, it's easy, and it's a path to happiness.

Designed by autists for autists and endorsed by neuro-scientists and educators worldwide, Compassionate Behavioral Approach will change your life.

To get started, check out our Behavioral Modules and Online Course. (LINKS)


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