Raven’s Guardians movie night at New Trails. 

Raven’s Guardians and Horse Boy Foundation had the pleasure of hosting a young adult movie night at New Trails - the first of a program of social skills where young people with neur-difference can get together informally.. As many of you know we are also running young adult Live Action Role Play (LARP) events at New Trails, which many young people on the spectrum enjoy: movie nights are a natural extension.- relaxing and socializing after the sword play.

We screened ‘Knights Of Badassdom’, a comedy action film occurring primarily at a LARP event. The film takes a humorous tilt on the phenomenon - allowing us to laugh at ourselves, which is perspective taking, which is brain building. We made hamburgers and salad for everyone to enjoy and wanted to say a special thanks to our resident viking David Kilbourn for grilling.

Our event hosted 4 individuals with social and/or cognitive disorders; Todd, Chris, Ezzy, and Stella.

Todd is our friend with Autism, extensive hearing issues, and a chromosomal disorder, whom we first met many years ago at a local renaissance festival who has been a member of the Sherwood forest faire cast for the past few years. He has also recently been joining us in horse training sessions.

Chris has high functioning Autism. He’s made donations of props and time to Raven’s Guardians and is enthusiastic about further assistance and participation with us. A cast member at Sherwood Forest faire, his social anxiety can make interactions stressful. Our movie night provided.a way for those with anxiety to hang out together, which kind of cancels out the anxiety. When everyone has it, you're no longer the odd one out.

Ezzy, a dear friend of our director Lindsey since middle school , has volunteered for us at the Sherwood Forest Faire despite chronic anxiety and has made great strides over time. The movie night as well as our LARPing events have sparked an interest in volunteering further.

Stella is our LGBTQ friend, again with chronic anxiety and sensory processing issues. A talented makeup artist, she has helped Raven’s Guardians director Lindsey Brown as a junior makeup manager during the annual Halloween Scare for a Cure Haunted House in Manor, Texas. As a bonus, Stella also brought her therapy dog, who is currently in training, his name is Pluto.

After the film we walked around the property and discussed ideas with those in attendance pertaining to how to expand its LARPING potential. We also found support from our volunteers willing to help facilitate carpooling rides with those who are unable to drive themselves via transport issues.

Chris came up with some fantastic ideas surrounding a Zelda themed LARP as well as donating a small chest and a bag full of gold coins that will be wonderful to use for events! Stella and her friends are excited about classes both assisting in teaching and learning new skills. Ezzy wants to help with giving rides and participating in classes. Todd is thrilled at the concept of horse work and we are actively securing funding for the cochlear implants he desperately needs.

Movie Night was a Hit! We will be hosting more in the coming months, with games themed by the movies and talks on historical, mythology and the technical end of movie making. Watch this space!


Pictured: Todd, Chris, Leigh(director), Lindsey(Executive director), Ezzy, Pluto, and Stella.