Over the course of the summer Raven’s Guardians has been honored to facilitate a joint grant with The Horse Boy Foundation to aid the trainers of Knights of the Grail. KotG is a non-profit that provides a therapeutic environment and equine Jousting program for veterans.

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Directors, Bob, George, and Shawn, along with their trainers, Katrin, Kitten, Wolf, and Stacy are being trained in the Valenca patterns currently and this winter in Horse Boy method to improve their knowledge of equine training, the skill level of their horses and the horses physicality. This will aid KotG in performing the tasks needed to provide therapy for the veterans.

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Since June, Lindsey(director of RG),and the trainers from the Horse Boy Foundation have met KotG on the Sherwood Forest Faire grounds and at our property, New Trails, to facilitate these trainings. Each participant has individually improved their skills and within their own interactions as a team over the course of the last few months.


We are so very proud of their progress and commitment to their cause. Raven’s Guardians will be keeping track of their trainings and gleefully showing you their advancement. Watch for new blogs on Knights of the Grail monthly!