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Last week Raven's Guardians attended the 4th Annual Viking Althing held this year in Boston Massachusetts and hosted by the Viking Irish. The Viking Irish are a branch of the living history and dark ages martial arts group known as Jomsborg. RG took a few of the members of Jomsborg that have diagnosis from Anxiety and severe depression to Borderline personality disorder and members of the LGBTQ community to Salem during the Halloween season. 

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We visited the witch trials memorial, the Witch Dungeon Museum, and Several coffee shops(caffeine and warmth were a necessity on this trip).

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IMG 20181018 123728754

We may have also found a wizarding shop.......

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We shared dinner, talked about our own experiences with social issues, and became an even closer group of friends in a vast community. 

We also began and ended our trip singing Nightmare Before Christmas songs in the car together.... for those hilarious videos you'll have to visit the Raven's Guardians Facebook page. 

Jomsborg, One shield, Community, Family.