On Wed Oct 25 Raven's Guardians sought the help of our community for assistance in preparing for our Halloween event.The turn out was amazing!

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We had adults with autism and anxiety disorders building and organizing. Chris and actor and IT trained volenteer helped extensively with organization not only for the evening but also the event and future events. He had a great brainstorming session with Jen a volenteer who has struggled with anxiety and depression but has managed to become a brilliant event planner and preformer.

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Several of our volunteers have substantial production backgrounds who gleefully came to help. Midge(a heavy hitter for ABF) works in austin with large scale event production including the Austin Burlesque scene who will be holding fundraisers for us in the future!

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We built costumes for characters from through the looking glass as our Halloween event is Alice in Wonderland themed. There was such a happy and creative atmosphere with everyone going above and beyond to make this event wonderful. Props were even taken home to finish by volunteers on their own time.

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I could not ask for a more kindhearted, creative, and inspiring group to build the community for Raven's Guardians. Our hearts are full because of these phenomenal people. We can't wait for Halloween!