Many of us use the word every day but what does the word 'autism' mean?

It comes from the Greek 'auto' - meaning 'the self'.  So automobile - a self-propelled machine; automatic - something that moves by itself; 'autism' - 'self-ism' - to be locked within the self. The difficulty is the relationship with the exterior world.

Once we understand that we realize that what we need to do with out autistic child is be IN the exterior world.

Outside, in nature. Where the natural stimuli take over and the negative sensory stuff - florescent strip lights, industrial noise and smells - fall away, letting the physical and emotional discomfort move aside so that the intellect, which is almost always intact with autistic kids - can come to the fore.

This is one of the reasons why the horse is so good - he carries us into the exterior world effortlessly, delightfully, filling our bodies with oxytocin the bliss hormone as he rocks our hips in rhythm.

But we can use other things too - our shoulders, a wheelbarrow, a little red wagon, a boat, kayak, or raft, a go-cart.

If you can do the majority - an i mean several hours a day - of your teaching/therapy/parenting outside in the exterior world your child will begin to engage. If you watch HOW they engage - how they stim, what they stim with, how they select the objects they use for the stimming, how the kinetic patterns of their stims play out, you will get a window into their thinking, and then you can climb through that window into their world.

By bringing them into the exterior world, and out of closed rooms, they will let you into their hitherto closed world. and once there, the door to the universe will stretch wide open...are you brave enough to follow?