There is so much to give thanks for. Speaking personally as a father, autism taught me to listen, to avoid falling into the 'do it because I say so' school of parenting which drives wedges into families and breeds distrust.


Autism taught me that nature and movement are where all humans are happiest, and to no longer waste my life sitting in boxes looking at boxes (though game of thrones and a glass of wine don’t count).

Autism taught me to extend my family, to live tribally as our forefathers did, and rediscover a human happiness that I realize is all of our natural birthright.

Autism brought me much deeper into horses - my first love - giving me a reason to truly explore the art in a way I had only skimmed the surface of before.

Similarly autism taught me to hone my writing to a point where it could sustain me - a dream since my earliest childhood.

Autism taught me to surrender, to not be so (bleep) obsessed with the illusion of control.

Autism taught me to follow, not to always try and lead (see 'listen' above).

Autism taught me the power of communication in all its forms.

Autism taught me that love is all that matters.

To my son rowan, and all the mentors (aka children) I have had the honor of working with at new trails and beyond, to the incredible people of horse boy, to incredible horses and animals that work side by side with us, to god, who is love, I give thanks.

Now, pass me that mimosa....