Horse boy wishes all of our tribe - in the USA, the UK, Canada, Portugal, France, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, the happiest, most joyous 2015.

A year of such mad joy that you have to pinch yourself to believe you year really can be this good. a year of superb health, surprisingly great prosperity, plain old fashioned fun, newfangled fun, in between oldfangled and new-fashioned fun, some more fun, a bit of fun, and in between some quieter days that are just plain pleasant. A year where we all learn unconditional love without getting beaten about the head with a wet fish by fate in order to learn it. A year in which we let goes of our prejudices - even our equestrian ones1 EVEN OUR DRESSAGE ONES! Certainly our special needs ones and our prejudices about what a family should or shouldn’t look like, what relationships should or shouldn’t look like, what friendships should or shouldn’t look like what education should or shouldn’t look like, what livelihood should or shouldn’t look like. What life should or shouldn’t look like. May we at last be free of all that.

For this year of insane, dancing happiness, that will last down the rest of your decades on this earth; we leave you not with horses, not with autism, not with dressage, not with goats, coati mundis and porcupines, but with the shamans who helped us along the way and whose compassionate, nonjudgmental care we owe so much to. As my old friends, the Bushman shaman Besa and the Mongolian shaman Ghoste, both of whom passed on this past year, always told me. "When you need something, ask the ancestors. They are there, just on the other side, waiting to help you. Able to help you. But in order to be able to help you, you have to ask. Silently in your head. At the top of your lungs on a mountain top or in the shower or frustrated in traffic. In the time between sleep and waking when we all have one foot in the spirit world.

It’s the same as the beautiful Christ message. Ask and it shall be given. Knock and the door shall open.

And may the peace of god that passeth all understanding be in your hearts and minds, through the unending, illimitable love of the god of love that watches over us all.