We need to make a big deal of this: Because here's the secret - we autism parents, and our amazing autistic kids - are the luckiest sector of society that exists (shh don’t tell anyone).

I have to admit this - autism has brought more joy, more adventure, more love into my life than I ever imagined possible

I basically get to live with the Buddha.

Which is a good thing because I am the most flawed human being I have ever met (well maybe I’ve met a few more flawed but I’m up there)

There is this quality of egoless-ness that we neuro-typicals can only ever hope to achieve. Facebook is one of the best examples of neuro-typical ego gone wild - some call it hatebook because the possibilities for personal attack and character assassination on here are unlimited, and countless millions take advantage of that daily...most of them neuro-typicals like you or me. Being neuro-typical isn’t necessarily a holy grail

So today, I want to honor my son, and all other autists I have ever been privileged to meet, live with, work beside and be directed by. You are the most beautiful human beings, the most perfect human beings; I have ever had the opportunity to meet. My life has been enriched beyond what I thought possible because of you
you bless us

We are grateful

Thanks and praise to the almighty

We will do our best to reciprocate the wonders you bring us


The autism parents and carers