This is a great tip that we stumbled into by chance and which has helped us massively over the years. Protein or lack thereof and the effect on tantrums mood in general.

It was back in the pre Mongolia days with Scub that we first realized that when he had had bacon or some other animal protein for breakfast, he tantrummed less during the day. Some time later we realized that we could often anticipate when the meltdowns might happen because his face would go pale and dark smudges would appear under his eyes - then the storm would hit.

So we started giving him a little bacon or chicken as soon we saw those signs and a often as not we could head the storm off - and if it still hit it would be less.

So then we realized that if we gave a little animal protein (soy didn't last as long) every three hours, then the tantrums sometimes wouldn't happen at all...but when we forgot to give him morning bacon and other protein snacks the days would be as bad as before.

What was going on? were we heading off hypoglycemic blood sugar crashes? We tried to find research on this but couldn't find anything conclusive but no doubt it was working.

So then we tried the same strategy with ourselves was a bit embarrassing but we realized that very often in the day when we were getting grumpy or irrational, especially on very physically hard ranch days, protein would keep us chipper and thinking clearly and much of what we thought was other people being poopybutts etc was...simply lack of protein.

Im sure the science will catch up with this at some stage - but we have found the same protein strategy to be true with most of the kids and young adults we work with, as well as boring old poopybutt adults like ourselves.

IS there something here with the gut/brain connection and the vagal nerve? Time will tell. But in the meantime, we do know that food is mood, and a little protein every three hours seems to be the difference between rationality and irrationality. Try it and let us know...