When I first got the diagnosis all the language on autism i got from the professionals was negative: 'dysfunction, disease, disorder etc.' As a trained journalist I found myself asking - what's the other side of the story here? It cant be all negative surely.

So I set out to find the most successful adult autist I could find - Dr. Temple Grandin - and asked her for an interview. I asked her ' How Does My Son Become You?"

She told me - Follow his interests and obsessions follow him physically and emotionally because that's where communication lies. She said do your thing with him in nature as much as you can to avoid bad sensory triggers that block learning. And let him move, move, move as most kids on the Spectrum are kinetic learners.

I followed her advice and never looked back.

If the population you serve are articulate and intelligent, and you DON'T seek direct mentorship from them, then you're insane, - as they are the only ones who truly understand the condition.

Horse Boy and Movement Method are not a bunch of clever neuro-typicals thinking they have answers to autism. they are a bunch of neuro-typicals and autists working together, and guided by autists - the only ones who are actually qualified to be the guides.