As part of his academics Rowan has been learning about how the human body works and has been really getting into it. Below are a few examples about conversations he has had with us about it over the last few weeks.

1. Rowan asked why everybody loves him and they answered the question himself with 'because i am adorable - and i have a heart - and its a good heart.' He then went on to talk about how the heart works in detail including the statement 'it takes one minute for blood to go from my heart to my toes and back again.' We were gobsmacked by his ability to recognize the heart as both an integral part of the emotion to love and an integral part of the workings of the human body.

2. The other day whilst at sonic with his mum Rowan was eating chicken when he said 'chicken is broken down into little pieces by the saliva in my mouth - it then goes down my esophagus into my stomach where it is turned into soup before going into my small intestine and then my large intestine where it becomes poo.'

3. Since learning about the nervous system Rowan has been talking a lot about the fact that people, including him, blink a lot when they are nervous. A few days ago he went on to say that he would prefer to hang out with a female gorilla than a male gorilla because they blink more because they are more timid and nervous and less aggressive. Finally yesterday he said 'my body is sending a message to my brain which is telling me that I am too hot so I am taking my shirt off'.

Now that is one smart boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!