The other day Rowan told me that he would like to tell me a bedtime story as opposed to me reading one to him. I was stunned by how complex and just plain awesome his story was and so thought I would share it...

Angelica and her four imaginary animal friends:

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Angelica who was 6 years old and lived with her mother in the middle of a forest. Angelica had blond hair and green eyes and her favorite color was pink. She wore pink ribbons in her hair and a pink sundress with white flowers on it.

Angelica's mother spent her days cleaning and cooking and baking and liked Angelica to be out of the house from dawn until dusk. The problem was that Angelica didn't have any friends because her and her mother lived all alone in the middle of the forest. However one day Angelica decided to invent four imaginary animal friends to play with so that she never felt lonely again.

Their names were Carl the Crocodile, Alex the Alligator, Orlando the Orangutan and Sevil the Snake. On this particular day Angelica and her four friends decided to go for a picnic in the forest and so they all packed their favourite things to eat into a picnic hamper.

Carl and Alex packed small antelope and other small mammals, Orlando packed fruit and vegetables and Angelica packed cakes and sandwiches and other yummy foods that six year old girls like to eat. Off they set until they found a magical clearing in the forest where they ate their food and played games all day. Suddenly Angelica noticed it was dark and that made her scared and afraid.

She quickly packed up her picnic hamper and set off home with her four friends. She was very scared because the forest was haunted by lions, bears, gruffalos and heffalumps. Angelica saw a light in the distance and it got brighter and brighter until she was standing outside a house.

Angelica was afraid to knock on the door but her friends told her it would be ok. It was answered by an elephant called Ernest who was a friend of Angelica's mum. Ernest told Angelica, Carl, Alex, Orlando and Sevil to get on his back and using his trunk to hold up a light took Angelica home to her mother.

Angelica went to bed that night and dreamed of the adventures she and her four friends would get up to the next day...