Anyone who knows and loves Rowan knows that he has an amazing memory e.g he can tell you exactly how many types of zebra there are and how to tell them apart (there are nine btw). One of our academic goals for Rowan this year is for him to learn his timestables.

However we had one problem - how to make Rowan care about learning how to multiply. The solution...getting Rowan to multiply in a fun environment that he loves...whilst bouncing on the trampoline (Rowan has actually learned all his timetables this way).

A classic example would be the five timetable. A month or so ago we decided to test Rowan on his five times table and he got it absolutely right, up to 12 * 5. He then said he wanted us to test him again because he wanted me to play a trick on us....see if you can figure out what he was doing: 1*5=1 2*5=4 3*5=9 4*5=16 5*5=25

We will post the answer to his trick in a day if no one gets it right.