Anyone who knows Rowan knows that he likes his it will come as no surprise that he is currently infactuated by a 'troupe' of women known as the 'fireside girls' : namely Hollie, Katie, Addison, Ginger, Millie and Gretchen. These girls (who by the way are from a cartoon called Phineas & Ferb) have taught Rowan a lot.

For example - Rowan and I go swimming twice a week but until recently the only stroke he has felt confident with is doggy paddle. However, last week he decided that each fireside girl when swimming used a different stroke and that he should be able to do these strokes with them. A week later he was able to swim breast stroke, front crowl, back stroke and butterfly with his ladies.

Because of the huge amount that Rowan's ladies have given him Rowan decided that when he visited the local Rennaisance fair he should make a wish for each of them. He dropped a penny into the wishing well per fireside girl and then spent the rest of his time there ensuring that these wishes came true. These are the wishes that he came up with:

Hollie wished that she could listen to the live musicians at the fair Addison wished to see the jousting Katie wished that she could swing on the pirate swing Millie wished to buy a new purple dress Ginger wished to buy a leather vest Gretchen wished to fire arrows at targets

Rowan ran around making sure each Fireside Girl got her wish fulfilled. So of course the 'girls' (ie the real girls - me, Emily, Iliane, Erin and of course Mommy) had to make sure he got his next wish... Four baby ducklings!