Friday dawned a hot and humid Texan spring day, so when Rowan decided that it was time to return to "fish school" we were all for it.


"Fish School" by the way, for anyone who is new to this blog, takes place when Rowan decides he wants to do his academics at Barton Springs, a natural swimming pool in the centre of austin. However before it was time for him to escort his ladies there Rowan had one important task to undertake - the rescue and release of a baby copperhead snake that we had found near one of the horses' water troughs.


Once we arrived at Barton Springs Rowan was straight into the water as usual - playing with the fireside girls (a 'troupe' of cute girls from the cartoon from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb) and charming his way into everybodies hearts. For example he approached an amorous young couple who were kisisng and asked them very politely if they were 'falling in love.'  As before fish school was a resounding success. Particularly impressive was Rowan's knowledge of the human skeleton - he was able to tell us the proper names of most of the primary bones in the body e.g. pelvis, ulna, radius, femur etc.

After spending Saturday hanging with his Mom and Dad, Rowan was invited to a bbq at a neighbours house. He immediately made the place his own and within minutes of arriving was riding around on a golf cart helping to feed the fish. Later on in the evening he had lots of fun playing croquet with Mommy.


On Sunday Rowan took us all to the Austin Zoo where we had lots of fun riding on the train and meeting all the animals. With Rowan's help we were able to identify them all correctly and he particularly enjoyed being able to hand feed the various breeds of deer that they have. Scub then whisked us off to the Oasis (a popular spot to watch the sunset) for a spot of salsa dancing which he thoroughly enjoyed. He was a real gentleman dancing with all his ladies and took a real shine to the band (the feeling was of course mutual).                           

As you can see Scubs' social life is as action packed as always and he keeps us on our toes (literally).