As anyone who is a regular reader of this blog will know, Rowan likes to do his academics at 'fish school' once or twice a week. What this basically means is that we do his school work in or around whatever water hole or swimming pool we happen to be at that day.

Regular 'fish school' locations include Barton Springs and the YMCA swimming pool but we like to mix it up e.g. tomorrow 'fish school' will take place at Schlitterbahn - one of the biggest waterparks in Texas. Earlier in the week 'fish school' occurred at Scotts Falls - a beautiful and secluded waterfalls near our home in Elgin, Texas. Rowan has been particularly interested in history recently so we have been focusing on this using his passion for animals as a way to keep him interested. For example he loves the fact that the Romans spoke Latin because it is the language that is now used to classify plants and animals or that the Ancient Greeks made up stories about mythological creatures that were half man half animal.