Last weekend Rowan requested that his 'ladies'  take him to Schlitterbahn for a fun-filled day at the largest water park in Texas. We had just welcomed Gillian (who runs Horse Boy UK) and her 10 year old daughter Jaymi (one of Rowan's best friends) over for a week long visit - plus it was 98 degrees Fahrenheit - so it seemed like a fabulous idea to us.

Off we set with Kristin, Rupert, Gillian, Jaymi and Rowan in one car (listening to Kiss FM of course) and Meghan, Iliane, Erin, Jenny and Nikki in the other. Once we arrived at the park we headed straight for the closest swimming pool where Rowan was immediately in fits of giggles over being chased and splashed by everyone - especially Erin the 'shark'.


After swimming it was time to go on a couple of the rides which primarily involved sitting in black tubes and traveling down rivers and over waterfalls. Rowan spent most of the time chilling in a tube surrounded by his 'ladies' and thoroughly enjoyed himself. His favorite ride was called the Congo which included lots of models of African animals to look at. This particular ride ended up in the river and Rowan then showed off his new swimming skills by swimming quite a long distance to shore. He only swam out of his depth for the first time a couple of weeks ago so we were all really impressed.

After relaxing back in the swimming pool for a while the final stop before heading home was of course the gift shop where Rowan became the proud new owner of a giant cuddly snake. Rupert, on the other hand, picked out a pink cowboy hat.