After a fun-filled day at The Texas State History Museum and Austin Children's Museum Rowan, Kristin and I (Jenny) took an overnight flight to London, England. Rowan was an absolute star on the journey, spending most of the flight making animal stencils or sleeping like a 'meercat boy' on the floor.

Upon arrival in London, Rowan was thrilled to see his Granny and Grandpa and immediately made himself at home playing with all his old toys and riding his bike up and down the street with the neighbourhood kids.

On his first proper day in London Rowan decided he wanted to visit The Museum of London due to his recent interest in history. This was a fairly big deal as he usual wants to go straight to the zoo. He was fascinated with learning about how London has changed through time and was particularly interested in the Roman shops and Viking House they had reconstructed.

After his day of history Rowan spent most of the evening pretending he is a knight in the middle ages and is protecting his exotic animals in the Tower of London from evil villains.