After a week in London visiting various family and friends, Rowan was ready to escape to the countryside. As luck would have it there happened to be a music festival going on that weekend in the beautiful village of Great Tew in Oxfordshire which is also the home of one of Rupert’s oldest friends.

Any regular readers of this blog will be aware that Rowan is really into music right now and he has been itching to see some of his favourite bands (or in fact any band) live for some time now. So, Rupert and Kristin decided that the Cornbury Festival would be a perfect opportunity for Scub to experience the delights of a typical British music festival.

We arrived to the sounds of Eliza Doolittle mid set with a very excited boy, hopping from one foot to the other and not impressed with the steward who made him wait to receive his wristband! Scub paused to take in a song or two before moving on to check out the rest of the fest. He was quite in awe of the whole spectacle – he took a little time to acclimatise to this sensory cachophony of sounds, sights and smells. But as usual it didn’t take him time to case the joint and make a bee line for the things he wanted to do the most.

First stop the delights of the mini funfair, where he robbed us of all the change we had to go on the helter-skelter, the ghost train, bouncy castle and to experience a father-son moment on the bumper cars, not to mention that all important purchase of cotton candy! He then rocked on to the uplifting tunes of the Bellowheads, while sitting atop Rupert’s shoulders, which to his delight featured a violin, trombone, trumpet, saxophone, guitar and a piano! As the night drew to a close, he chose to chill out in the VIP tent to the mellow vibes of James Blunt – who had made a point of saying hello to him as he made his way out to the stage – who WAS the VIP here?!  Finally, a very partied out Scub trudged his way back down the hill through the dark to dream of being a rockstar in his very own band, which of course, he already is!