On a recent visit to my parent's house Rowan discovered, to his great delight, that my sister still owns the saxophone that she played when she was younger and more musically inclined.

The saxophone is currently Rowan's favorite musical instrument, in part due to the fact that Lisa Simpson happens to play one, and so he has been keen to try one out for a while. As is to be expected his first attempts were somewhat ropey (although not as ropey as mine - I suspect that when the neighbors came around to enquire whether we had recently purchased a donkey they were referring to the noises that I was producing and not him).

However as is his way Scub quickly got the hang of how to position his lips and blow into the mouthpiece and was soon able to put on a saxophone concert for my family and friends which finalled in a wonderful rendition of Jon Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer.'                                    

Check out the following video - and a word to the wise - don't ask about the Sombrero!