As anyone who has been to New New Trails recently will realize Rowan's latest passion in the animal kingdom is birds (hence the fact we are currently the proud owners of 2 geese, 3 guinea fowl, 6 chickens and 15 ducks).


In the past few months he has spent hours pouring over the bird pages of his animal encyclopedia committing to memory the names, territories and eating habits of every type of bird imaginable. He and his Dad have developed many new games around this interest including my personal favorite - the hook a duck game - where Rowan pretends to retrieve certain species of duck for his Dad (a game that can go on for hours).


It was therefore only fitting that we spent much of our trip to the UK observing birds at the various zoos that we went to as well as making special trips to wetland centers and bird houses. However the highlight of our bird related activities was a trip to a Bird of Prey Centre in Stirlingshire, Scotland. Rowan was fascinated by the different birds of prey (which included eagles, owls and buzzards) and spent hours watching them sitting nobly on their perches watching him right back. He was a little unsure about holding one of the birds himself but was very keen for me to do so and so once again through Rowan I was able to live out a dream of mine - holding one of these majestic birds.