As many of you already know Rowan is home schooled at New New Trails in Elgin, Texas and I thought it might interest you to know what a typical day at school looks like for Rowan.


The Pick-Up

Rowan is often collected in the morning by one of our horses and this morning the job fell on Reno , our 17hh Spanish (P.R.E) gelding. As you can see from the following photo Rowan knows how to arrive at school in style...


Morning Activities

The first task of the day is too feed and water all the non-human residents of New New Trail including the three dogs, cat, two goats and at last count 26 birds. Once this has been achieved it's time to start our lessons which range in style from multiplication on the trampoline to learning how to mix colors by painting one of his ladies to creating volcanoes from baking soda and vinegar.

One of today's tasks was to construct an 'extreme' straw which he did with great success as you can see from the following photograph.


Afternoon Activities

Once 'lessons' are over it's time for the afternoons activities to commence. These vary from day-to-day but often involve swimming or playing with his friend Bryce. Tomorrow we are off to see the caves at Wonder World to learn more about how caves are formed.