In the past few weeks Rowan and I have developed a new way of learning which involves us doing lessons whilst bouncing on the trampoline and spraying each other with water from the garden hose (which we pretend is the trunk of an elephant called 'Diva').

As you can imagine this is not only a lot of fun but also has almost unlimited possibilities for learning. For example the sun shining on the water droplets makes a rainbow appear on the trampoline.

We were on the trampoline earlier this week doing some multiplication practice when Rowan decided he wanted me to tell him about the water cycle as he wanted to learn about clouds and rain this week. I was spraying the hose to demonstrate precipitation and he said 'look jenny it is precipitating from that cirrus cloud' - which was exactly what type of cloud it was (note I had never told his the names of the types of the clouds).

Then he suddenly said 'jenny jenny the sky is falling...we need to go phone the president' and then he grabbed an imaginary phone and said 'Barack Obama - help the sky is falling - I'm panicking because there won't be enough oxygen for people to breathe.' Then he decided we needed to phone God and told me that God lived up in the sky so would be able to help.

I told him that some people believed God lived in the sky but not everyone because people believed different things and he said 'I believe God lives in the sky.'

Then he said tell me about some other things that some people believe but not others.

If anyone has any ideas about other ways that we can use our new 'water trampoline' for learning please let us know...