For the past six months Rowan and I have made a weekly pilgrimage to Cabela's , which for those of you who live in Texas will know is an outdoors shop which sells amongst other things hunting and fishing gear.

You might feel this is a strange place for a nine year old boy to want to go so often but once I explain a bit more about the store I am sure you will quickly understand. Cabela's has dotted all around the store preserved big game that have been hunted by visitors to the store. These include deer, antelope, goats, sheep and even some more exotic animals such as zebra.

Rowan and I like to check all the animals out a number of times before ending up at the highlight of the trip 'The Big Buck Hunting Game.' Rowan discovered this game (which involves shooting simulated big game animals on a computer screen) on our first visit to Cabela's.

The game is actually fairly complex as it involves hand-eye coordination and the ability to multitask by pumping the gun to reload it at the same time as shooting. It also involves an understanding of rules as the shooter is required to only target the male animals and not the female or young.

Rowan has gradually become better and better at playing this game and is now at the stage where he can shoot all three targets and become the new 'hunter hero.'


Last week whilst in Walmart we made the happy discovery that it is possible to buy a version of this game to play at home on your television and so Rowan has now joined the ranks of nine year old boys who return home from school and power up their computer games.

Yesterday whilst I was babysitting him he called out 'I just did a sweet shot...'