At school today Rowan and I decided we were going to learn about the atmosphere (which made sense as we have just finished learning about clouds).

We started off by swinging on the swings outside and talking about how the atmosphere is made up of various gases and the important jobs that they do.

However it quickly became clear that although Rowan was interested we needed to make this more fun (and FAST) before he was distracted by the many more interesting pursuits that New Trails has to offer.

The solution to my dilemma (naturally) involved making a lot of noise.

Rowan and I blew up 10 balloons (7 for nitrogen, 2 for oxygen and 1 for 'other gases') and wrote the names of the type of gas they represented on them.

This was an idea I had gotten from one of our brilliant volunteers, Emily, and is perfect for Rowan as he loves balloons and by using a different color for each type of gas he could easily see the different percentages of the earth's atmosphere that they take up.

So where might you ask does the noise to come into all this?

Well Rowan cannot see a balloon without popping it so once we had finished blowing them all up he took great delights in popping them all again.

He then went around telling everyone in sight that he had ruined the earth's atmosphere and there was no gas left so we were all going to die...a fast learner!