Last week Rowan and I (along with the lovely Alisha - one of Rowan's ladies) were lucky enough to get to spend the day at Dallas Zoo having, as Rowan called it, a 'super special behind the scenes tour.'

The first stop was the penguin house where Rowan was shown how to feed the penguins. He was fascinated to learn that the penguins keeper swam with the penguins everyday and was gobsmacked when he was allowed to touch/hold one of the birds.



After the penguins we were whisked off to the Okapi (which are officially my favorite animal) and then the giraffes where Rowan was again allowed to feed and touch these beautiful animals.


Rowan was then transported around the rest of the zoo like a king on one of their zoo buggies by a very special lady called Beth who Rowan quickly became firm friends with.

Thank you so much to all the staff at the Dallas Zoo, but in particular Beth, for organizing this magical experience for us.