Anyone who is a regular reader of our Rowan updates will be aware that from time to time Rowan goes through phases where he likes to do some of his academics whilst we are swimming.

While right now we are in one of those phases and the current location for 'fish school' (as we call it) is one of the YMCA's in Austin in South West Austin.

One of Rowan and my favorite YMCA games is one where we pretend the swimming pool is a river and swim up and down whilst Rowan describes the route to me in great detail.

While on this particular day Rowan decided to incorporate academics into our game and every so often announced to me that we had reached multiplication crossing or place vale creek. Needless to say Rowan thought this was hilarious and as a result learned much more than if we had been sat at a desk.

It is also amazing how inventive you can be with fairly limited resources e.g. when we got to bar graph bay we actually managed to construct a fairly decent graph out of swimming pool noodles and weights.

Of course, as is always the case with Rowan, our games and lessons quickly change and adapt to fit his mood. This week at the YMCA the focus of attention was the kids slide which became our 'academic station.'

Rowan decided that he had to sit at the top of the slide and was only allowed to slide down when he got a question right. He also requested that I teach him in an 'angry voice' which had him (and all the lifeguards) in stitches.

Rowan has named his next invention 'Rowan's Giant Duck School' this space for more information...