About a month ago Rowan requested that introduce cooking lessons to his academics.We of course readily agreed seeing these lessons as yet another opportunity to have fun together whilst learning.

We pretty soon realized, however, that we could make Rowan’s cooking lessons about so much more than simply cooking...

Due to the international nature of the Horse Boy we often have working students staying with us from other countries. We therefore decided to theme our cooking lessons based around the nationalities of the working students who happen to be staying with us at any particular time. Each week our working students take it in turns to teach Rowan (and me so as to take the pressure off – very important when autism is involved) how to cook a dish associated with his or her country. And as we learn how to cook crepes with our French volunteer Emilie or meatballs with our Swedish volunteer Frida we also learn all about the country that they came from.

The highlight of our cooking so far though has to be the week that Rupert taught us both how to cook live lobster. Rowan has had a fascination with lobster for almost a year now and loves to visit the lobster tank at our local supermarket. He was delighted to be allowed to purchase two of these lobsters to take home and even attempted to try a bit of lobster once it was cooked, a first for him. He was a little nervous of the lobster’s claws and so kept his distance once the rubber bands holding them together had been removed. He now proudly tells anyone he meets that he ‘survived the live lobster with 10 fingers and 10 toes.’

Recently we have started putting together what we refer to as ‘Rowan’s AMAZING Cook Book.’ This is a homemade book of all the recipes we have cooked so far along with pictures of us cooking them.

If anyone has any suggestions of recipes they think we should try please let us know.