It has been over a year since Rowan first developed an interest in musical instruments when a very kind person donated their clarinet to the Horse Boy Foundation.

True to form Rowan could soon name far more instruments than any of the rest of us and could tell you what musical family each instrument comes from to boot.

It didn’t take long for him to develop a particular fascination in the brass family and a desire to one day play in a marching band so recently we finally made the decision to get him his own trumpet and trombone and he will begin music lessons next week.

What we hadn’t anticipated was that not only would buying him these instruments provide an opportunity for him to learn to make music but that it would provide a whole host of other learning experiences as well.

Soon after getting the trumpet Rowan asked me to make him a book of ‘fun trumpet facts’ which he loves and has read over and over. This includes not only information about the history of trumpets and famous jazz musicians but also includes facts about the chemical properties of brass and what makes something an alloy.

Watch this space for updates on how his lessons go and when he is able to realize his dream of forming the Horse Boy Marching Band. Knowing Rowan I don’t think it will take long…