It was in Australia, soon after receiving a healing from an indigenous man called Harold, that Rowan invented the word ‘endangerous’. He was walking on the beach with his Dad at the time when he suddenly asked what the word endangered meant. This was not unusual.

Rowan had a passion for words (still does) and was often asking the meaning of new words that he had heard or read. After listening to the definition he then asked what the word dangerous meant. As part of the explanation Rupert explained that some animals -like tigers – can be endangered and dangerous. Rowan’s response – ‘that make’s them endangerous.’

Rupert offered to take Rowan to visit ‘endangerous’ animals around the world and there and then father and son agreed that they would take trips together to see, film and help save endangerous animals.

That was in 2009. And now five short years later that dream has become a reality. Rowan has visited and filmed animals in Europe, Africa and North America and has trips planned to South America and beyond. He has also helped script, direct and edit the first of what will become many episodes of his own television show called of course - 'endangerous'.


The purpose of his films are simple. To highlight the plight of the animals that he loves and inspire others to step up and help save them. And its all for free. Anyone can access it, download it, view it. Its our gift. Just as the planet makes its gifts available to us for free.

We hope you enjoy watching each and every episode as much as we enjoyed making them. To be one of the first to view his first episode on the European brown bear click here.

Welcome to Endangerous!