Rowan has been passionate about all things jaguar for the past six months. As is his way  when he becomes interested in a particular topic he has researched everything about them and can tell you obscure facts like ’6 % of wild jaguars are melanistic’ and ‘the jaguar has the fourth most powerful bite in the animal kingdom.’

This has spilled over into a general love of all big cats although the jaguar is his definite favorite which is why he asked whether we could go and film some in the wild for endangerous.

We of course said yes and have a trip to Costa Rica and Brazil planned for the fall but to prepare for the trip we decided to visit a wonderful place called Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida (found of course by Rowan). To read more about the great trip that we had and all what we learned about how to help save big cats please click here to visit Rowan's own website.

Rowan watching the intro video whilst waiting for our guide