Anyone who follows Rowan's learning adventures on our facebook page will be well aware of his year long obsession with a road construction company (or TXDOT contractor as he would tell me to say) called N Line.

N Line are the people responsible for ensuring that workers are kept safe during road construction by providing the proper warning signs, flaggers, pilot cars and barriers. They also happen to have some of the kindest people in the world working for them who appreciate Rowan and his love of what they do and allow him to visit their office whenever he feels like it (which is often) to look at and sometimes even ride in their trucks.

Most of you will be well aware that we have always taught Rowan through his intrinsic motivations. When he was into lobsters we visited lobster tanks everyday and learned about everything from blood, teeth and skin to the history of medicine through them. When Rowan was into the Brazos River we drove over it every day and learned about the ecology of rivers, flow, the relationship between speed, distance and time and bacteria whilst doing it. And now he is into N Line we visit N Line offices or real construction sites everyday and learn about electric circuits, the history of roads, trade unions and even how to calculate averages through them.

And on top of this N Line has also given us the opportunity we have been looking for to work on something much bigger - Rowan's understanding of money. He decided months ago that he really really wanted his own light bar - the flashing light that goes on top of the pilot car and flashes amber and blue. We at first thought that we would get it for him for his birthday but then decided to try a different tact and challenged him to save up the money for it himself. He promptly decided he would earn the money by selling his toys and did so at a local fall festival earning the full cost of the light bar in just one day (he is a born salesman).

Yesterday we went to N Line to pick it up and all his friends were there to present it to him alongside his first ever invoice (a great opportunity to introduce the concept of tax). Rowan was also made an honorary employee of N Line and his photo was taken to go up on the N Line employee wall.

His job title is site inspector and he now his special permission to stop at any N Line construction site we happen upon and inspect the work and then report back to the main office. A great privilege that he is very proud of.