Week 2:

By the second week Scub said “ Let’s go get Ma!”

He walked over to her field, walked her over to the tack room and took her riding arena.


This week the hoop was introduced, and he was asked if he could stand in the hoop.

This is an example of using the right pressure and breaking things down into little steps and gradually increasing the challenge.

He was totally fine with the hoop and now we can explain WHY we use the hoop? It is because when we stand in one spot, and keep the length of the lunge line constant, she is then able to stay on a perfect circle which helps her to balance herself better! We also exchanged where someone else held the lunge line and he had to operate the whip.

Breaking it down into parts really helps for it to be less stressful until he is ready to hold both the lunge line and the whip together himself which requires a lot of specialized motor and cognitive coordination.

We then took Majana for a walk in the woods over the slopes as simply walking over hilly terrain will help her to lose some of those extra pounds, and build some muscle. Ultimately what this also does, is takes the pressure off both the Horse and the person leading as they are now out in nature and both feel very relaxed and at ease, so each week they feel more comfortable with each other.

Building trust with the horse and feeling confident around them is a crucial skill in equine training, and also very useful  in life in general.