1 STAR Bianca Rimbach


We are very happy to announce that Bianca Rimbach became a certified 1 star Horse Boy Method practitioner. 

Bianca Rimbach is both a devoted 5th grade teacher using all our Movement Method principles in her classroom on a daily basis and works with Wounded Warriors and their families at the USAFA Equine centre in Colorado Springs.

She teamed up with our Horse Boy schoolmaster horse Clue, who became tired of the Texas heat in the summer.

Bianca is already a Movement Method trainer and she is training many para professionals and volunteers/staff in Horse Boy centres around the USA and Canada. 

She is also a regular blogger on our website, where she writes about her adventures with her 5th graders and with the Wounded Warriors, you can read all her blogs here.

Thank you for making a difference for so many children and families, Bianca. We are very lucky to have you in our Tribe!