We are very happy to announce that Gitti Berkhoff from Ahlen Germany succesfully completed her certification for 1 star Horse Boy Method Practioner in record time. Only this January she completed her Basic Practifitoner certification. 

1 star HBM Gitti BerkhoffGitti and her husband Henrich run a beautiful farm in Ahlen, Germany, offering a warm and inviting environment for special needs children and adults. Gitti has a background in healthcare and education and she has just started with us over a year ago and doing great things. And because we know talent and skill when we see it, we invited Gitti to our team of trainers. For now she is focussing on becoming a Movement Method trainer.

We invite you to read this beautiful Testimonial by a 16- year- old student: What Horses Can Also Do!

Please check out more information on their incredible work and farm here: