October 27, 2019

The weather forecast predicted a soaking wet day. But hé, what a gift! Fresh, dry weather and even the sun showed herself once in a while. That in the beautiful setting in the Extreme Mountain Trailpark in Bergeijk, The Netherlands.

The pillars of Tribe Day 2019 were fun, learning, exchange and be together in combination with movement. The trailpark is such a place where you get invited to move. A place where it’s hard to sit still, even if you want to.

The day started with a warm welcome with coffee, tea and some sweets, following a Skype meeting with Rupert. Rupert got parked on a trunk (well, the laptop) with the participants cosy around the laptop. After the information hour, it was time to play with the horses.

For some Horse Boy horses there was a bravery training. Not only the horses came into action, the participants without horses came into action too. Here and there, you saw humans running, playing, balancing on logs and the teeter totters, going over the hanging bridge and through the waterfall. A double challenge for the horses with laughing, shrieking, jumping humans. Even the dogs decided to join the entertainment too.

It was time for a generous lunch near the burning stove. The soup and sausage rolls ‘Brabant-style’, went in well. For some a wonderful moment to relax, while others kept on talking.

After lunch the intervision workshop ‘Let’s have a walk about it’- Movement Method style, was on the program. The two groups were eagerly looking for the numbers, which were hidden in the trailpark. Each number had a corresponding assignment. A specific casus was chosen, questions asked and suggestions and ideas were provided. Then the suggestions and ideas were shared with the other group. A nice way of clear communication. What an amazing group of people with valuable input! Each from their own uniqueness and expertise. Sharing together brought up beautiful insights and valuable information for the future. The power of working together combined with the different talents create a difference in this world. A difference that expand awareness and create more ways to serve the more vulnerable people. How cool is that!

The self-compassion workshop started with some theory, near the burning stove. Among other things, there was a test to find out how your compassion is towards yourself. And then, off we went outside again for a creative way to explore ones self-compassion. The track with all kinds of assignments started with some beautiful paint creations on some of the faces. The trailpark transformed into a real playground for adults. While singing the Dutch song ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ together with the additional moves the participants went over tree logs and other obstacles. The wooden block functioned as a stage for the ‘making-funny-faces-show’. Blowing soap bubbles while standing on a teeter-totter and laughing was quite a challenge for some. The ‘silly- walk’ through the ditch gave some interesting moves. Even the dog joined with his silly walk. It was a day full of moving, intervision, play, laughs, serious talk, sharing, being weird, awareness, nature, inspiration, good food and loads of fun. Just because it’s possible…

Tribeday 2019, you were amazing!

Trainers: Ellen Schuringa, Laura ÖStermann en Carola Beekman

Special thanks to Jamie Boeijen from Extreme Mountain Trailpark Stal Tilburgs

written by Ellen Schuringa (trainer), video created by Carola Beekman (trainer)