Pat is a fantastic teacher especially with little ones and children with special challenges and needs. His understanding of their needs and how to best unlock their potential is natural and effective. He is able to have a natural conversation with anybody, connects quickly, and brings a fantastic amount of humor and giggles to any child he works with.


He understands the importance of following the child and has no problem abandoning a plan if the child wants to go a different way. Pat’s friendly charming character makes him for many kids their favorite instructor and teacher.
Pat is willing to learn, and when his background knowledge improves, he will be a fantastic riding instructor and educator. He is sincerely interested in the child he works with, and I have seen Ness light up when he sees Pat and spend extra time in the saddle with him.

Pat is creative and can make something out of nothing, but what he really has going for him, a sincere interest in the child he is working with. Things around him seem to not be important when he is with the kid.
Pat enjoys nature and can transfer this love easily by bringing fascination to the kids even by simply talking about leaves on a tree. It has been an honor to support him on this journey. We are lucky to have such a dedicated you man on our Horse Boy team. Excited to see what he will do in the future!