Chantal has been working without rest to check all the boxes and jump through all the hoops. She has amazingly fine-tuned her horse skills, and her work with children is inspiring.


Parents and coworkers are well aware of her multiple talents and splendid approachable character. Seeing her creative development of games and environment make-overs has been refreshing and unique. Not only is she loving and supportive with the children she works with, but she also has an outstanding sense of humor and passionate love for her horses. She sees them as the professional partners they are and puts all her efforts to present a well- rounded program with well-trained horses and staff. Children and clients seem happy, accepted, and her work is differentiated to pick up the child where they are, helping them grow. It has been an absolute honor to join and support her on this journey. We are certain she will do many more great things in her Horse Boy and Movement Method career.